Sunday, August 21, 2005

Necklace for my Seester

This is a necklace I made for my sister, when she was here last April. It's just her style. She had wanted me to fix a POS necklace and I told her I wouldn't do such a lowly thing as fix a plastic necklace; that I'd make her a new one. We had a ball picking out what to put with the stones. Here's a pic of us enjoying a woodland walk.

Important People

This is our Queen Bee, Royelle. She is the rock upon which most of my interest and discovery of beading and jewelry-making is based. She is one of the most creative people I've ever met and in more areas than you can shake a stick at. I met her many years ago at the first EGA meeting I ever attended. And we've been friends ever since. She and Barbara, pic to follow, and Ada some of my core friends. There certainly is something to say about the people one chooses for their friends and how close we can become.

This pic was taken at one of our beading retreats. We take off to a beautiful lake setting for about 4 days and sleep in bunkbeds, just like at camp, and bead 24/4!! We all bring food and drink and fun and love and we have the best time. There are about 14-20 of us and we represent all aspects of beading: seed, lampwork, gemstone, freeform design. Enough so that there is never a dull moment and if you're stuck momentarily, there is plenty to inspire you.

Well, I don't know how this got so little but it's Barbara and Ada two very important beading friends.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Cool stuff coming....

I've placed an order for David Christiansen Furnace glass and it'll be here on Monday. I'm really excited as I've done a very cool bracelet and I want to make 2 more bracelets in different sizes and at least one necklace. These are hand wired with Sterling Silver 22 gauge wire. And then I add some fat Swarovski's to make them really light up.

It is interesting how ideas percolate and finally come to fruition. I'm always surprised at how different the physical reality is from the concept in my mind. I'm getting better at choosing the types of beads for different effects. I'll be working with wood and amber and more natural components for my next batch of lilies and roses! I've been studying the upcoming fashion trends in jewelry and there are two distinct directions: organic and non. Non has plastic in the wildest forms with acrylics and anything that is manufactured and "worldly". Then there's the path I prefer.

I hope that's traditional with a spark. But, I'm beginning to realize that design never seems to mean the same thing to disparate groups of designers. I always thought that good design included the attributes of proportion, rhythm, contrast, dominance and scale. Perhaps these are significant to designers of solid objects. (Certainly, a software designer doesn't use these parameters!) I'm thinking these are true objectives for a painting, a floral design, a landscape but perhaps not for an item of clothing or a piece of machinery.

Bracelets to Dangle

This is my Carmen Miranda bracelet. I really like the way if falls. The pieces of fruit are hand blown glass beads and the leaves are Czech. Needless to say, I did the pic, not Elizabeth. You can click on the pic and it gets bigger.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New York, New York

Just spent 5 days in NYC and got some very exciting findings for new jewellry. I walked in almost every store on 37th and checked all the variety. It was overwhelming. "All circuits are busy...all circuits are busy..." What I do know is that as I learn more and see and especially handle more, I will be able to tell the difference between the real and the fake when the fake is good.

Found some new Czech crystals with great new colors and purchased a selection for new work. They'll be in some of the pieces for the September show.

I met this woman at School Products, which is a yarn store (see and we just started talking as sometimes you do. It turns out that she's a jeweller, too, doing goldwork with granulation. She knew all the stores I was going to and gave me names for some at Metalliferous. Trips are great for meeting new folks.

Lampwork and turquoise

This lampworked focal bead I got from Jan Locander. She does really beautiful work and I'll have more of her beads in the future. Of course, I didn't buy just ONE!!! This piece has a dichroic closure by Paula Radke. I figure if you're gonna name drop, might as well drop the best!!

We have a group here of about 15-20 women who work in lampwork. We call ourselves the "Hotties" and meet once a month. It is amazing to see the totally different work that is created by each of these very talented women. It's extrodinary. And I'm learning so much.