Friday, August 12, 2005

Cool stuff coming....

I've placed an order for David Christiansen Furnace glass and it'll be here on Monday. I'm really excited as I've done a very cool bracelet and I want to make 2 more bracelets in different sizes and at least one necklace. These are hand wired with Sterling Silver 22 gauge wire. And then I add some fat Swarovski's to make them really light up.

It is interesting how ideas percolate and finally come to fruition. I'm always surprised at how different the physical reality is from the concept in my mind. I'm getting better at choosing the types of beads for different effects. I'll be working with wood and amber and more natural components for my next batch of lilies and roses! I've been studying the upcoming fashion trends in jewelry and there are two distinct directions: organic and non. Non has plastic in the wildest forms with acrylics and anything that is manufactured and "worldly". Then there's the path I prefer.

I hope that's traditional with a spark. But, I'm beginning to realize that design never seems to mean the same thing to disparate groups of designers. I always thought that good design included the attributes of proportion, rhythm, contrast, dominance and scale. Perhaps these are significant to designers of solid objects. (Certainly, a software designer doesn't use these parameters!) I'm thinking these are true objectives for a painting, a floral design, a landscape but perhaps not for an item of clothing or a piece of machinery.


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